Season’s Beatings with Mistress Victoria Rage and Lady Vi

Because I was a very good boy this year, my long-time Domina and Queen, the lovely Lady Vi, allowed me the honor of submitting to Herself and Mistress Victoria Rage on the most recent Solstice. I thought that worshipping and prostrating myself before two Goddesses would be an auspicious way to celebrate the season, and it turned out to be the best gift I could have given myself.

Lady Vi was resplendent, cruel and infectiously joyful, all the things that I adore and serve Her for. She at turns cradled me lovingly and mocked me through pained whimpers and pleading for mercy from Mistress Victoria, while keeping Her giant rubber cock firmly in my mouth so as not to make too much of an embarrassment of myself. While being probed and violated I was given the honor of being Her throne, and if Her ass descending on me was the last thing I ever saw before leaving this world I would welcome it. Fortunately my Queen is merciful(ish) and enjoys my mewling, so She relented eventually. Lady Vi will dangle You over the edging, laughing, but She’ll always pull You back to the center. She’s amazing. <3

– Aidan