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DomCon – The World’s Premier Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention

Annual conventions held in Los Angeles, California and New Orleans, Louisiana.

DomCon’s Mission is to fulfill the vision of Mistress Cyan to bring a better understanding of BDSM in The Adult Alternative Lifestyle and to bring together those in the BDSM Lifestyle, Leather, Fetish and Professional Communities to share our common interests, celebrate our diversity, and promote awareness through education with demonstrations, seminars, panel discussions, social events, and activities. DomCon is for everyone with an interest in the BDSM, Fetish or Leather Lifestyle. It is open to all genders and lifestyles regardlees of sexual orientation. Some people have mistakenly assumed that DomCon is for ProDommes or Female Dominants only because DomCon is the only event that brings professional and lifestyle people together. DomCon welcomes both experienced and those who are starting to explore and looking to learn.

7 Days of Domination

Online Education

7 Days of Domination brings you the specialties of some of the world’s top ProDom/mes as they shed their light and knowledge on a series of topics and skills within BDSM. Each segment highlights a skill or concept, explaining what it is, why folx are drawn to it, how you go about working this into your play, and the main questions – what’s next?

Wicked Alliance

Online Education

The Wicked Alliance is a group of educators, mentors, creatives, professionals across the spectrum who have banded together to provide community and resources for the changing landscape. We give a safe space for conversation and difficult topics, from racism to mental health to gender, as well as professional support for adult business development. We aim to help build the future we want to see.