Welcome to the Church of Satanatrix®

I am Lady Vi, but you may know me as the Satanatrix®: Unholy Icon, Infamous Dominatrix, Professional Mistress and legendary purveyor of filth. I recently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona from Seattle, Washington. 

I am the embodiment of sin exquisitely crafted into flesh and bone. Come to my flame little moth, feel the heat from my fire and prepare to burn for my affections. I have been told I am an addiction; a disease for which there is no cure. My beauty is intoxicating; taking a sip is not recommended for the faint of heart. I am highly skilled at weaponizing lust and using it to bring men and women to their knees.

Are you familiar with Mary Howitt’s poem, The Spider and the Fly? It’s a cautionary tale published in 1828, told to warn girls and boys not to fall prey to the charms of those with wicked intent.

I promise you, my intentions are anything but pure.

Often people are interested in exploring different fetishes, or perhaps the thought of indulging in various aspects of BDSM excites them. The one truth holding many back is fear; fear of the unknown. I dance in that fear and bring your fantasies to light. I play in the shadows, where sensuality and seduction meet sadomasochistic control.

I specialize in intense, multi-sensation scenes. My offerings are expansive and are befitting of the heaviest masochists or sensation seekers who do not favor pain. I enjoy mixing sensuality and intense sensation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pain or pleasure, what feeds my desire is control. I live to bend your body to my will.

I enjoy taunting mental anguish, and whimsical lighthearted fun. I am wicked by nature, cruel to my core, but I am not a stone-faced Dominatrix nor do I subscribe to the characterization of dominant personas. I am known for my sinister smile, infectious laughter and sharp wit.

Mae West is my kindred spirit. I have been likened to a cross between Betty Page, Morticia Addams, the Evil Queen, and the muse behind Puscifer’s track Rev 22 20 (Dry Martini Mix).

I have many interests including old nursery rhymes, Satanic/religious text and poetry. I have an extensive collection of books on the occult which I have been collecting since adolescence. I am drawn to the morbid and obscure. I’m well known for my love of Pugs and English Bulldogs; and as a collector of oddities, creepy art, and dead things.

I am accustomed to the finer things, spoiled by nurture; dare I say I’m a product of my environment?

I love music, food, domestic and international travel, exploring other people’s passions and trying on new experiences. Speaking of music, did you know there was a song named for me? It was created using audio from my porn. The beats were created from slapping flesh and the click of my heels. My voice leading you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of perversion and sin.

Is this your first time here? Take the time to review the information on my website. I promise, if you follow my rules you won’t be disappointed. I’m narrowing my audience to those who’ve proven worthy of my time. Apply to serve.

Yours in Depravity,

Lady Vi